Grill Brick Holder Aluminum 7 Inch GBH-7


This International GBH-7   7 In. aluminum Grill Brick Holder – Constructed of durable and lightweight aluminum. The purpose is to securely hold grill bricks. The handle is designed for easy grip for safe and constant use. This item attaches to the grill brick easily.  It gives you more control when cleaning your grill.  $15.99 Each.  Maple Ridge Janitorial Supplies.

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Grill Brick Holder    Aluminum     7 Inch    GBH-7

This grill brick holder is compatible with the GB12 Grill Brick.

  • Constructed of aluminum
  • Securely hold grill bricks
  • More control cleaning grill
  • Attaches to the grill brick easily
  • Easy to grip and perfect leverage

Price:  Each

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