Avmor Solera Dishwashing Liquid 4L


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SOLERA Dishwashing Liquid is ideal for industrial and institutional use. SOLERA goes to work on dirty dishes, pots and utensils with aid of powerful grease-cutters leaving them spotless and squeaky-clean. The lemon scent is synonymous with clean and fresh. This product may be used to clean dishes, counters, walls, floors, doors, windows, mirrors, woodwork, blinds, painted surfaces, cars, treated leather and vinyl, jewellery (authentic and costume), fine washables, and more.

  • Solera Dishwashing liquid is ideal for household and institutional use.
  • Solera is effective on very dirty dishes, pots, and utensils.
  • With the aid of powerful grease-cutters, SOLERA leaves dishes spotless and clean

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