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Toilet Seat Covers

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July 7, 2020

“Should I Use a Toilet Seat Cover?” you ask.

Disposable Toilet Seat Covers will have you ‘better safe than sorry’. The question really is…’Who knows’. However….they are easy to pocket when nature calls when you are not at home and cheap enough to afford the peace of mind.

Keep a pack in your car when traveling for use at rest stops, pocket a couple for going to a public place where you may have to use the facilities, etc. You can ‘grab-and-go’ a toilet Seat cover when not at home. Put a couple in a baggie for an emergency and never be with out them when leaving the house. They are lightweight and small enough to carry around in your backpack, handbag, purse, glove box, or diaper bag.

Available at Maple Ridge Janitorial ‘On-line’ by the single pack of 20 Hospeco Seat Covers….just “$9.29 Ea.” for your piece of mind. (Case of 250 $109.00). Fits Hospeco Dispensers (sold separately).

How/When to Use:

Disposable toilet seat covers allow for peace of mind when using a portable toilet (not included) at campgrounds, public events, and even just public toilets at malls and restaurants. Just flush when done, the water grabs it and whooosh! …gone. The cover fits most toilet seats and is eco-friendly – they break down quite easily once wet and are safe for most septic systems.

Oh yah!… and don’t forget the Diversey Soft Care handy ‘travel size’ hand sanitizer! Busy people love this perfect, handy sized out-and-about accessory. No bulky large bottles to carry around! Use after dining out, at the lake, keeping handy in your gym bag, in backpacks, the school locker and in your pocket just walking the dog or getting the mail at the corner!

‘Call us for more information’, to Order a pack of 20 (also sold by the case of 250 for Hospeco Dispensers), or about anything you need anytime 10 am to 5:30 pm Mon to Friday at 604-463-2388.

And the Diversey Soft Care pocket, personal size instant foam hand sanitizer with cap just $4.99 Ea. 50 mL

Shop on-line at 24/7 and order on-line. Before finalizing your purchase choose (next business day) ‘Pick-up’ option.

Thank you for supporting local businesses in your community!

Maple Ridge Janitorial Supplies ‘On-Line’

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