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Supply Strain Easing

Good news!…Finally!…and we all need some.

Supply chain easing, showing returns to retail in late May 2020

Stock on many ‘scarce products’ during the pandemic are once again returning to store shelves. It would appear the government has filled their emergency coffers to their satisfaction in preparedness for the expected fall flare-up of Covid-19.

Prices are coming down at last on scarce commodities and the strain is easing on everybodies pocketbook. Will prices return to pre-pandemic prices? That remains to be seen.

You will see prices falling on certain stock as fresh stock replaces the pandemic-era obtained stock. Distributor’s prices are falling as the Manufacturers begin to again supply them. We are going the right direction!

In this together! Have a great ‘re-opening’ or happy ‘back-to-work’ month come June. The summer shall be interesting and still challenging with the heat and some of the recreational sites and facilities being off-linits.

Happy shopping!

Deborah S.