Scented Urinal Deodorant Block Cherry Scent, 3 Oz


Urinal Pucks. Odor abatement. Cherry fragrance lasts 30 days  – Low cost per use.  Anti-splash texture keeps urinal areas clean. Round 3 oz puck. Individually wrapped – Clean long lasting storage.  $14.99 ea. Box of 12

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Urinal Deodorant Puck     Cherry Scent   3 Oz.

  • PARA-ZENE deodorant blocks are an efficient and economic way to control unwanted odors.
  • Urinal paradichlorobenzene deodorant block with a cherry scent. 12 individually packaged
  • Odor abatement. Cherry fragrance lasts 30 days.  Low cost per use.
  • Round 3 oz puck, individually wrapped, clean long lasting storage
  • Combat odours and bacteria at their source
  • Built-in germ-fighting ingredients

        Price: Each Case of 12

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Weight .175 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 cm

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