Cleaner Deodorizer Institutional Industrial Grade – Concentrate 3.78 L (Avmor Biomor)


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Cleaner Deodorizer   Institutional Industrial Grade –   Concentrated  3.78 L (Avmor Biomor)

BIOMOR CLEANER AND DEODORIZER by Avmor is the result of intensive R&D efforts to engineer a solution that goes beyond the capability of other products currently on the market.

– Highly concentrated (Mix as directed for best results)
– Microbial-based formulation that contains a proprietary blend including bacterial spores that effectively eliminates stains and odour molecules long after the clean-up stage in institutional and industrial settings
– Use on all surfaces including carpets, upholstery, textiles, curtains, hard surfaces and in areas such as compost bins, garbage collection areas, washrooms and gym lockers
– Attacks odours such as urine, smoke, skunk, vomit and other organic soils
– A favourite for carpet spot removal

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