Paper Towel Roll Dispenser With Lever Auto Transfer Universal (Tork)


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Paper Towel Roll Dispenser  Pump Lever Auto Transfer     Universal (Tork)

The Tork Hand Towel Roll Dispenser is a high capacity dispenser unit with the ability to hold a 1,000 feet of our 8 inch diameter hardwound roll towels. This coupled with the lever controlled dispensing and stub roll auto transfer feature will help to reduce required maintenance and the number of service interruptions.

-Clean, modern appearance compliments all decors
-Translucent cover allows for “at a glance” inspection for refills. Hides scratches and maintains image
-Easy pump lever action
– Color: Smoke
– Smooth cover is easy to clean and maintain
-Built-in pilferage control. High impact plastic and design help prevent breakage
-Replaceable covers and lock fingers.

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