Kitchen Paper Towel Single Rolls 80 Sheet Roll White (DuraPlus Luxury) 1 Case/30


Duraplus Luxury Kitchen Paper Towels  / Indiv. Wrapped Singles.   Case of 30 – 80 Sheets per Roll . Perfect for making your own disinfectant wipes!   $43.95   ‘On Sale to Clear’  at  $25.49 p/Case.   Maple Ridge Janitorial Supplies. (Discontinued)

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DuraPlus Luxury Kitchen Paper Towels    Wrapped Singles  – Case of 30   80 Sheets per Roll

  • 80 tear off sheets, 9 inches wide
  • Great for travel trailer too, in the car and small spaces, kids play areas
  • Perfect for making your own disinfectant wipes
        Price:  Case of 30 Roll
 (On Sale to Clear)  Discontinued

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Weight 6.134 kg
Dimensions 54 × 18 × 15 cm

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