Genius Health Hand Sanitizer 4L Refill


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Genius Health Hand Sanitizer 4L Refill

  • Contains 80% v/v USP Grade Ethyl Alcohol for maximum germ-killing strength
  • Formulated with advanced skin conditioners and moisturizers to leave hands feeling soft and hydrated
  • Contains bittering agents to safeguard against the product being consumed orally. A key benefit of these bittering agents is that they act to train/remind users not to touch their face/mouth with their hands, not to eat with unwashed hands, or lick their fingers
  • Controlled evaporation rate allows for Health Canada’s mandated 30 second minimum contact time and allows the alcohol in the hand sanitizer to effectively kill bacteria.
  • Product has ideal lubricity characteristics to allow for proper and
    easy coverage over hands and between fingers
  • Natural Product Number (NPN) 80098871

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